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Rotterdam translator lets you speak and understand 80 languages

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 04/09/2017 a las 19:32:12

One third of all Europeans don’t speak any foreign languages and almost 40% speaks only one [AM1]. Because of that translation problems may arise, especially during travels. That's why the international startup Travis decided to build the first personal voice translator to help bridge language barriers worldwide.  The translator understands and translates 80 most spoken languages using artificial intelligence.


"We want to ensure that everybody worldwide can communicate with each other, especially in this globalizing world. That is why we’ve made a universal translator, able to translate pronounced sentences in real time. Useful if you want to order a beer on holiday and indispensable when you travel to the hospital. You can express yourself better and make connections faster. Isn’t it what the traveling is all about? " said Lennart van der Ziel, co-founder of Travis.


International success


Travis el Traductor has been recently developed, following a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. Over $ 850,000 was raised through 6,000 pre-orders. It is surprising how many people from around the world are asking about this Rotterdam translation device. "We have received inquiries from all over the world: from Andorra to Switzerland, from Bermuda to Fuji. Good to see that in more than 100 countries there is a need to communicate with each other. "


No mobile app


Travis el Traductor is an independent device, not a mobile app, which the creators consider to be an advantage. Van der Ziel: This means that you don’t always have to open your phone in order to look for the right word. Eye contact and non-verbal communication are therefore possible, which is important for understanding each other. In addition, Travis uses an enhanced built-in microphone, which also works in a busy bar. The device translates 23 languages in an offline mode, which many apps cannot do. "


Together smarter


Travis is the first translator with artificial intelligence and, therefore, the more its used the smarter it becomes. In each language combination, it chooses the most appropriate translation software: from engines like Google and Microsoft, to more local ones. Soon Travis users will be able to rate on an online platform the accuracy of translations delivered, so that the translator can improve. "We already have 6,000 users and are looking for more early adopters who want to make Travis even better. This year we want reach 50,000 active users to make even better translations available to everyone through software updates in the device. "


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