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InCenter Cloud: a hosted Security Management & Analytics service

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 24/02/2019 a las 19:29:10

Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, has launched their highly anticipated cloud security service, Clavister InCenter Cloud. 


This new, dynamic Cloud service helps IT organizations and their executives become proactive by monitoring how their security configurations protect their business. 


“In today’s world of intense network traffic, customers are requiring systems that gather a broad amount of data points and have decision capabilities for automated responses,” declares Clavister Product Manager Stefan Brodin. 


Clavister InCenter Cloud collects key data points on all connection activities through Clavister NetWall firewalls and makes this data available in real-time in an intuitive consolidated web interface. The service is continuously providing the necessary insights to cross correlate and detect anomalies. 


It’s also a feature rich product to make any IT security administrator work more efficient and demonstrably improve company network security. IT teams will get dashboards that provides a holistic view of threat and attack activity on network, gain insights into traffic patterns and have full drill-down capabilities to discover root cause. This will dramatically decrease TCO compared to 3rd party log analytics systems since the products are designed to seamlessly work together and are preconfigured to understand the data logs in relevant contexts. 


Clavister InCenter Cloud also contains features for tuning configuration to maximize security, with real time monitoring to verify impact on traffic per policy and blocked traffic. It finds ways to optimize user experience by identifying high bandwidth applications and determine importance of traffic which is done by implementing selective shaping policies. 


Along with forensics, log analysis, anomaly detection through machine learning and scheduled reporting this service will improve and ensure firewall health and improve overall network security. The service gives IT administrators the ability to take mission critical decisions by allowing them views according to the threat surface in their enterprise network.  


Offered as-a-Service, Clavister InCenter Cloud is easy to implement for any Clavister NetWall firewall, scalable to ensure fast insights for deployments of any size and requires minimum time to get started. The service available for enterprise customers as well as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). 


Clavister InCenter Cloud will be available to select customers in beta version immediately with a general availability to be announced in Q2 2019.