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Mobile World Capital Barcelona joins the Quantum World Association

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 06/03/2018 a las 20:56:40

Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) has joined today the Quantum World Association (QWA). Both organizations drive initiatives to accelerate the effective leverage of new business solutions around mobile and quantum technologies respectively. The impact of upcoming quantum technologies on data communications represents an area of future opportunity that will require special focus, and where both organizations’ respective expertise shall effectively complement each other.


Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital said: “5G enables new scenarios due to the massive deployment of sensors with less latency in the network that will allow real-time response. We are already watching uses in connected cars, autonomous vehicles in the industrial world or in the entertainment industry with ultra-high definition content. This new scenario requires great cloud storage capabilities and new response times to take real-time decisions. Therefore, the new generation of quantum computing will help to overcome these challenges.”


Oscar Sala, President of the QWA added: “the MWCapital’s expertise will be key for our members to propose the best options for rolling out quantum communication networks with a long-term objective of a quantum internet”.


Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, Entanglement Partners CEO, one of the Quantum World Association founders  remarked  “Thanks to MWCapital support, Quantum has been present in the last three MWCongress editions. This support is a very good example of the MWC’s key role in inspirating the future. MWCapital involvement in our association is a fantastic new, I am sure will help corporates to leverage  quantum capabilities.”


Quantum Mobile Lab


The Quantum World Association welcomes Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital as the President of its new “Quantum Mobile Lab” workgroup.


The Quantum Mobile Lab becomes a new workgroup within the QWA that focusses on the impact analysis and effective response of enterprises to quantum technologies on mobile data communications, part of a key initiative within the European Commission’s Quantum Flagship launched last year. This new workgroup will analyse how to leverage a Quantum based secure framework to boost critical services on mobile communications, such as ehealth, digital identity services or financial services.