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Official presentation of the Quantum World Association

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 14/03/2017 a las 23:39:36

The impact of first generation quantum technologies in our everyday life is a reality in several areas such as lasers, magnetic resonance imaging, GPS.


The second quantum revolution is already underway. Governments and companies worldwide are investing substantially to unleash the power of quantum technologies. The first quantum communication satellite was launched last year, several quantum devices forCybersecurity, quantum sensing and metrology, quantum simulation and other applications are already operational.


Key government and commercial projects, at hardware and software level, are under development. ) such as the announced done this week about an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems.


With the vision to bring together players in the field of quantum technologies and services, a group of leading companies has decided to found the Quantum World Association, a not- for-profit organization based in Barcelona (Spain).?The vision of the Quantum World Association is to connect researchers, universities, companies and institutions to develop a quantum ecosystem and further promote quantum technologies.


“Following the great acceptance of the quantum ThinkTank Barcelonaqbit, six months ago we decided to do a further step and to create an Association” said Alfonso Rubio- Manzanares, CEO of Entanglement Partners (Spain) and co-founder of the Quantum World Association.


The association was officially presented on March 2nd at the Mobile World Congress.


The Association has the objective to connect quantum industry and scientific leaders to create common standards, to understand business insights and to be a knowledge center for the industry” said Giorgio Maritan, Managing Director of Quantum World Association.


“Cybersecurity is one area where organizations are already preparing today for the quantum era, which is driving the growth of a new industry that brings both conventional and quantum technologies designed to be safe in an era with quantum computers” said Michele Mosca, CEO and Co-founder of EvolutionQ Inc. (Canada).


“During the Mobile World Congress, we were able to demonstrate some of our quantum-safe security solutions, including our existing quantum random number generator and Quantum Key Distribution solutions. The cyber security community must integrate the risk of quantum computing into its strategy and protect data for the long-term future. Our common challenge is to help governments and enterprises to get ready in a timely manner,” said Dr Grégoire Ribordy, CEO of ID Quantique (Switzerland).


The Quantum World Association confirmed that it is structuring 3 chapters that will help the international development.


The chapters are the following:


•   Asia. Led by H-Bar (Australia) ?

•   Americas. Led by EvolutionQ (Canada) ?

•   Europe. Led by IDQuantique (Switzerland) and Entanglement Partners (Spain) ?


“ The Quantum World Association is a major milestone in the field of quantum technology. It illustrates to the world that we are ready to move out of the physics laboratory and into the industrial and commercial space. H-bar is privileged to be a founding member and we anticipate a new revolution in the information technology sector firmly grounded in quantum technology” said Simon Devitt Co-founder of H-Bar (Australia)


"Our vision is to become the epicenter of Quantum knowledge empowering companies and other institutions to lead the future of quantum industries.?We are proud of the commitment of our founding members and we encourage companies to be involved in our association. Let's build the future together" said Oscar Sala, Chairman of the Board of Quantum World Association