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Wireless networks continue 5G transformation

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 06/10/2020 a las 11:18:33

The fifth generation of wireless cellular communications, “5G” continues to power ahead in 2020 with over 105 5G networks now deployed around the world. Today, 5G Americas, the wireless industry trade association and voice of 5G and LTE for the Americas, published a whitepaper produced by Rysavy Research titled Global 5G: Rise of a transformational technology, highlighting the intensifying role of 5G and its impact on every facet of our lives.

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas said, “The 5G revolution is set, as new consumer and enterprise use cases are emerging that will take advantage of the greater data throughput, lower latency, and improved management of a massive number of connected devices. It’s an exciting time in the industry, as we see a long horizon for innovation.

With 3GPP specifications completed for Releases 15 and 16, and intense progress underway for Release 17, Global 5G: Rise of a transformational technology delves into the most important cellular wireless updates of 2020 and beyond:



  • 3GPP has completed specifications for both Release 15 and Release 16, addressing a range of use cases far beyond LTE
  • Release 17 work has begun to define support for low-complexity devices, operation in 52.6 to 71 GHz, satellites, multiple SIMs, and NR multicast and broadcast
  • Operators are transitioning to standalone architecture, lowering network latencies, improving coverage, addressing industrial IoT, and simplifying operations
  • Massive MIMO and beamforming are enabling use of spectrum above 6 GHz, as well as improving performance in lower bands.
  • Internet of Things is undergoing wide scale adoption with tens of billions of new connected devices expected over the next decade
  • The industry is now deploying versions of LTE that can operate in unlicensed spectrum, with capabilities for 5G using unlicensed spectrum now also specified
  • Edge computing and artificial intelligence are re-shaping network architecture to deliver ultra-low latency, lower network operational costs, and support new types of applications

This 5G Americas white paper covers the growing role of wireless communications, the impact of 5G and how it will evolve in the coming decade. It delves into how IoT and industrial IoT, cellular communications, spectrum developments, key enabling technologies, 4G LTE advancements, 3GPP releases, fixed wireless access, voice support, public safety, and capacity expansion will come into play in bringing together a connected society.

Peter Rysavy, author of the white paper, said, “The emphasis on 5G by the wireless industry, enterprises, and governments is gaining momentum. The COVID19 pandemic has further pushed the need for  wireless technology to play a crucial role in keeping society connected under difficult conditions. This paper addresses what 5G can do today and how it will evolve during the coming decade.

The paper Global 5G: Rise of a transformational technology is available for free download on the 5G Americas website. Blog post by Chris Pearson, and presentation slides are also featured on the 5G Americas website.