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Uepaa a Swiss startup

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 05/05/2015 a las 14:37:39

Shortly after its announcement at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, the Swiss startup Uepaa ( has released its unique and easy-to-integrate Peer2Peer tool kit ( for mobile application developers worldwide - long before the big players hit the market with their new standards. This will revolutionize the way apps are developed by putting focus on proximal discovery and marks a paradigm shift for mobile P2P communications from mere GPS location-based (with all its known disadvantages) to direct and hyperlocal.


"The list of possible applications that can benefit from this technology is endless. Just imagine Tinder’s dating app notifying you when your date opens the door of the bar. Or networking apps such as LinkedIn or Xing hooking you up with people in your network whilst traveling, or playing your favorite game with a stranger on the same train, or finding friends easily at a crowded event. Even shop owners could inform you about their special offers as you walk by without the need for iBeacons. We are just at the beginning of the P2P revolution, giving social networking new relevance." -  Mathias Haussmann, CEO Uepaa AG



This revolutionary wireless P2P technology (carved out from its internationally scaled safety app) has been finetuned for developers - finally enabling them to add hyperlocal networking to their apps. Regardless of the type of app, developers can now leverage the full potential of the nearby crowd through hyperlocal interactions. Uepaa’s simple Software Development Kit (SDK) offers x-platform peer discovery (Android and iOS). For the first time ever, developers can easily implement hyperlocal discovery and communications with nearby peers. These come with unmet accuracy and optimised battery footprint compared to current location-based solutions. Currently in its beta stage, a commercial version of the SDK - with further  features such as direct P2P data transfer and social behavioral analytics - will be launched later this year.


"We are very excited to make this P2P technology we have perfected for people safety available to all application developers. I truly believe this will change the way people communicate, interact and discover. I invite every application developer around the globe to get their hands around our p2pkit and integrate proximity features into their product. Location-based discovery using GPS and the cloud was yesterday - Hyperlocal P2P discovery is here!" - Franck Legendre, CTO Uepaa AG.