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The Internet of Things Opens Doors to New Cellular Capabilities

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 17/11/2015 a las 19:31:45

With the opportunity of 20 billion or more connected devices anticipated by 2020, the wireless industry is making significant progress in facilitating the Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) standard.  4G Americas, the industry trade association and voice of 5G for the Americas, today published a new white paper titled, Cellular Technologies Enabling the Internet of Things, which explores the key considerations for developing an end-to-end CIoT solution.

“The Internet of Things is opening doors to the next era of inventive cellular technologies,” said Chris Pearson, President of 4G Americas. “These standardized commercial technologies will be the major foundational access methods that enable a multitude of IoT applications for years to come.” 

This paper examines the essential aspects that encompass the development of IoT use cases specifically enabled by cellular technologies which includes IoT market drivers and the end-to-end technical framework for cellular IoT/Machine Type Communication (MTC) use cases. Emerging LTE technology enhancements and new MTC features with a focus on Category 0,1 and M devices are also explained. Furthermore, the paper addresses innovations in low cost design and power management for cellular modules, as well as the evolution of LTE MTC for 5G radio access. 

Rao Yallapragada, Director of Technology Strategy, Intel, and co-leader of the work group that authored the white paper, stated, “To address the Cellular Internet of Things opportunity, the global standards organization, 3GPP, is defining progressive IoT technology refinements that occur over multiple 3GPP Releases to insure the reduction of complexity and power consumption to address the needs of varied use cases.”

The Cellular Internet of Things will be an important access methodology to support and enable communications over large scale IoT devices, additionally:

  • Cellular technology, in combination with local connectivity technologies such as WiFi or Bluetooth, is expected to address a variety of IoT use cases providing ubiquitous mobility, resilient connectivity and economic scale.
  • A framework of solutions, approaches and technologies are building blocks to help meet the challenge of unlocking the value of an interconnected web of devices in a secured manner with minimum power consumption, making it easy to provision and manage capabilities while delivering robustness and acceptable latencies in performance.
  • Current and planned MTC features are defined in LTE-Advanced through 3GPP Releases 11, 12 and 13. These new features include extended coverage for challenging locations, low energy consumption for applications requiring long battery life and optimizations to support very large numbers of devices per cell.
  • The latest LTE-Advanced features support a range of high and low performance and cost-optimized MTC device categories in the context of MTC use cases spanning emerging vertical markets that include automotive, fleet management, wearables, healthcare and smart cities.


The white paper, Cellular Technologies Enabling the Internet of Things, written collaboratively by members of 4G Americas, is available for free download at