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The first Spanish consultant specialized in quantum technologies is launched

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barcelonaqbit-bqb is growing and consolidating very well, and in fact we already have 4 business projects in Spain around quantum technologies.

The first of these projects is Entanglement Partners SL, which is the first quantum consult firm in Spain and Latin America, based in Barcelona, ??Madrid, San Jose California and Kerala in India.

Entanglement Partners SL involves the best scientists from Barcelona and Madrid, such as José Ignacio Latorre, Phd, Vicente Martín, Phd, Juan José Garcia-Ripoll, Phd and Pol Forn-Diaz, Phd, as well as Top level executives in the business technological field.

The goal of Entanglement Partners is to connect Quantum solutions with real business problems.

The quantum era has come. Thanks to its oddities, scientists have create qubit (quantum bit), a reporting unit which has not value 0 and 1 but it can have both at the same time. Qubit does more operations than a regular bit and perform calculations in a completely different way. This is something that multiply the computer speed when it comes to performing some calculations. Working with qubits means using atoms instead of chips. For that purpose, is necessary to master the complex quantum world in order to manage qubits to calculate what they are asked to. On balance, scientist connect with the industry and vice versa.

To this end, comes Entanglement Partners SL, the first spanish consultant focused exclusively on quantum technologies. Entanglement Partners arise from the collaboration among the quantum think tank BarcelonaQbit and the Venture Builder The Carrot Cake.

The new consultancy company group prestigious scientists specialized in quantum technologies and engineering sector professionals. From its headquarters in 22@ district in Barcelona, Entanglement Partners links the work of scientists and engineers giving new quantum challenges real solutions.

Josep M. Vilà, its president, regard the project as “an industry breakthrough and an opportunity to work alongside important international partners.”

Entanglement Partners is structured around three axes: international consultancy and project strategy (computing, simulation and quantum algorhitmic) and design and selling products related to quantum information. The third axis consist in communication, dissemination and training associated with the field.

Entanglement Partners’ CEO , Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, expects that new players emerge in such amazing field.

According to Opentrend’s CEO (The Carrot Cake leading company), Juan José Gimenez,”we are not in front of the top of the lance in informatics speaking, we have built a new lance.”

For his part, the scientific manager of Entanglement Partners, José Ignacio Latorre PhD, consider the new company “an excellent tool for approaching scientists to the sector. We work alongside the best sp