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The Certum Phone challenges current phones that provide poor coverage

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The coverage of mobile phones is affected by the network offered by service providers as well as the reception capability of phones. There are major differences in the coverage provided by different phones. Some phones cannot manage even basic functions properly and calls may fail indoors. Simulations and field tests carried out by external parties have shown the coverage of Certum to be superior to the best-selling mobile phone models in the market. Although this feature is essential to the operation of mobile phones, it does not receive much attention today. Mr Janne Knuutinen, the CEO of Zero Reception Oy, the developer of Certum, remarks: “The mobile phone coverage, its basic feature, is no longer even considered when product reviews focus on such things as processor, display, camera and outward appearance.”  Such secondary features are not, however, forgotten: Certum is a full-fledged mobile phone equipped with the Android operating system and fully comparable with its competitors. The phone is also protected from moisture and dust.


In particular, the product is expected to be of interest to professional users who travel a lot, those who spend their leisure time in nature, and many other user groups. Better coverage means that you can easily hear the other party, the calls are not choppy and the connection is established when needed. The phone also offers a ‘bypass lane’ with mobile data – the channel increasingly used for calls in developed and emerging markets. “This serves equally London stockbrokers, rescue workers in crisis areas, couriers as well as sole traders, not to forget those who reside in areas with poor coverage”, Knuutinen adds when describing target markets.


Planning starts with the basic elements of mobile communication


Certum is an exceptional new product in the mobile phone field, because its planning started with the desire to improve coverage. Coverage is one of the most difficult things in the development of mobile phones since it is affected by many different aspects of planning and design. Radientum Oy, the phone’s antenna designer, has developed a solution to satisfy Certum’s objectives. “Finland continues to have strong expertise in the planning of mobile phones – including coverage”, CEO Janne Knuutinen reminds and continues: “Those involved in planning were amazed when we told that they could start with the basic element which is coverage.” Currently popular cover materials, such as glass and metal, were skipped when choosing materials since they tend to prevent signal flow to and from the phone. The material chosen from among many alternatives was recycled, durable plastic that stays well in hand and can withstand shocks while protecting the display if, and when, the phone is dropped.


Additional information available at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry which brings together a large number of visitors to Barcelona each year. The exhibition takes place from 26 February to 1 March 2018. More info of the Certum Phone will be provided by Radientum Oy’s representatives in the Finnish pavilion throughout the event. And, the worldwide Indiegogo campaign for the phone will start in March 2018.