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Telia Carrier and 365 Data Centers bring 100G

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 25/10/2016 a las 20:07:43

Telia Carrier has expanded its partnership with 365 Data Centers, by now offering 100G services to customers in 365’s Pittsburgh edge facility via Telia Carrier’s award-winning, top-two ranked IP backbone. The need for high-bandwidth capacity in the city is driven by the development of innovative applications such as the testing of autonomous ridesharing services, the pervasiveness of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, and the growing number of start-up technology companies in the area supported by local incubators including academia giants.


Local incubators enable new ideas and technologies, some evolving into start-ups, and the ecosystem of co-working facilities and accelerator programs in Pittsburgh facilitate the creation of these new companies. With venture capital dollars funding dozens of companies in the area, Pittsburgh and the university are part of the Silicon Strip transformation now emerging in the former Rust Belt.


365 Data Centers’ Pittsburgh customers including businesses, carriers, cable operators, mobile data operators and content, cloud and managed service providers, will now have access to Telia Carrier’s IP Transit, Ethernet, IoT and mobile data services. Telia Carrier already provides 100Gbps services in seven other 365 Data Centers including Detroit, MI.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Tampa, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; St Louis, Mo.; Cleveland, Ohio; and Indianapolis, Ind.


“By partnering with 365 Data Centers to offer 100G services to mobile operators, broadband providers and education networks in Pittsburgh, Telia Carrier continues to expand its presence throughout the edge markets of North America,” said Art Kazmierczak, Telia Carrier’s director of business and network development, Americas. “We anticipate the need for high-bandwidth services will continue to grow in Pittsburgh, as IoT products and services continue to drive talent recruitment and start-up incubators to previously underserved communities.”


“Telia Carrier is a respected partner that we work with in many locations to enable the digital economies of Tier 2, edge cities,” noted John Scanlon, CEO of 365 Data Centers. “Together, we help businesses, content providers, cloud providers, enterprises and carriers connect to faster and bigger networks at the edge. Pittsburgh is an incredible technology center with academia, civic leaders and technology companies coming together to drive the next generation of products and services that help create our digital lives.”


Telia Carrier’s global fiber backbone has grown organically, without acquisitions, and is the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America. It is also the first network to successfully transmit 1 Tb/s on its US network. According to Dyn Research’s global backbone rankings, AS1299, Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone is currently ranked top-two. Telia Carrier’s rapid growth and ascension through the rankings was recently highlighted in Dyn’s ‘Baker’s Dozen, 2015 edition’ report. The company enables worldwide connectivity by connecting more than 200 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East including over 70 PoPs in North America alone.