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Tel Aviv is attracting the best and the biggest

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Tel Aviv is Startup City of the Startup Nation, and has evolved into one of the world's leading hubs for technology and innovation, named in 2015 the world's #1 Ecosystem outside the United States by Compass and one of the most innovative cities in the world by Tech Republic.


Tel Aviv is only 52sqkm, yet has 50 accelerators across the city (a growth rate of 137% since 2012). The startup ecosystem is continuing to grow in 2016: since the beginning of year many countries and multinationals have been opening innnovation centers in Tel Aviv, understanding that the Startup City of the Startup Nation is the best place to be.


Here are some of them:


"Rise" Community by Barclays: the new Fintech network isan innovation community in Tel Aviv connecting startups, corporates and experts of financial technology.


Techstars accelerator in collaboration with Barclays: a 13-week mentorship and support program that provides access to a network of alumni and industry experts.


TechCode by China: the Chinese incubation platform is building a network of innovative ecosystems all over the world, and has recently opened a space for entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv who are interested in the Chinese market.


Australia: the Australian government has launched its first landing-pad, a space with access to venture capital funds, facilities and contacts, for Australian entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv.


"The Floor"with partners HSBC,RBS, Banco Santander andIntesa San Paolo: based at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Floor provides a physical home for local Fintech entrepreneurs and serves as the focal point of access to Israeli Fintech for leading international financial players, tech giants and VC’s.