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Subscriber frustrations relate to mobile data coverage

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 12/11/2013 a las 21:31:14

 Lack of mobile internet coverage is the issue that frustrates subscribers most about the service provided by their mobile network operators, according to new research.

The research, conducted by On Device Research on behalf of Actix, across France, Germany and the UK, shows almost half of respondents cited lack of data coverage as their biggest frustration with their mobile service provider. The second biggest issue for mobile users was limits on the amount of data that can be used, cited by 35% of respondents.
Neil Coleman, Director of Global Marketing at Actix, says: “When choosing an operator a reliable data connection is now the most important consideration for mobile subscribers, far more so than cost or customer service levels.  This research demonstrates the need for mobile operators to extend data coverage geographically and ensure that hot spots – where many people gather and use their phones – are adequately provided with increased capacity.”
The top five frustrations for consumers with mobile networks were as follows:
Issue                    UK   France      Germany
Lack of coverage for mobile data  43.75% 53.52% 48.46%
Monthly limits on usage                                                   24.48% 27.32% 53.09%
Lack of coverage for calls  22.92% 24.51% 22.84%
Cost of calls    18.75% 19.44% 19.75%
Lack of customer service                                                   14.58% 23.94% 12.04%
Four out of five subscribers in Europe use mobile data primarily for web browsing and social networking.
“The mobile experience is as much about reliability as speed.  Whilst operators are rolling out super-fast LTE networks, most subscribers are still using the networks for relatively low throughput data tasks like web browsing and social networking.  This research suggests that improving data coverage and capacity is more of a priority to subscribers than faster speeds,” comments Coleman. 
Actix works with mobile operators using the ActixOne platform to locate and analyze calls and data connections.  This provides operators with the means to understand and improve subscribers’ network experiences more effectively.  Operators can then accurately target optimization activities, prioritizing the places where they need to improve service provision and deliver greater capacity, so reducing churn and improving customer loyalty.