Actualizado el 16/07/2019

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Spain, 6th most cyber secure country

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 02/07/2019 a las 21:21:50

So much of our personal and financial information is stored on the web these days that cybersecurity is a crucial concern for almost everyone. But which country can claim to be the most 'cyber safe'?

New research, from VPNOverview, has analysed 27 EU countries on a range of factors to reveal the ones which are the most cyber safe and the ones which fall behind when it comes to online security

From online banking fraud and email hacking to a country’s vulnerability to cyber attacks and their risk of online infection, the research explores 8 factors, ranking each country on their cyber safety.

The top five cyber safe countries



  1. Germany
  2. Ireland
  3. Denmark
  4. Croatia
  5. Sweden

The five least cyber safe countries



  1. Romania
  2. Cyprus
  3. Lithuania
  4. Italy
  5. Slovenia

To explore the research in full and find out how cyber safe your country is, click here.

David Janssen, internet safety analyst at VPNoverview says:

"This research once more shows that cybercrime is an issue impacting tens of millions of Europeans, one way or another. It's also a form of crime which easily transcends borders, so there is a lot to be gained from collaboration on an EU level.

Through the open method of coordination, which rests on soft law mechanisms such as guidelines and indicators, benchmarking and sharing of best practice, the EU Member States can collectively improve cyber safety.

The European Cyber Safe Index presented in this study provides a solid set of indicators to work from, as well as benchmarks set by countries performing well on each indicator."