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Russia take on 5G market

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 11/06/2019 a las 22:34:24

A cooperation project of the concern’s research groups, enterprises of Rostec’s radioelectronic cluster and technological partners have developed laboratory segments of a 5G network. Pilot operation of the network will start in test zones already in the summer of 2019. Vladimir Kabanov, CEO of Avtomatika Concern, reported this in a press conference during the CIPR-2019.

Currently the concern’s proposal is being discussed by companies of the industry, specialized federal executive authorities and telecom operators for the development of solution, which would allow the creation of a Russian national network by 2021. This would need both the appropriate level of service for the end user as well as the required level of trust concerning national security.

The creation of an all-Russian 5G infrastructure is a task of national proportions. We have to remember that 5G networks will be the base building blocks of the Digital Economy program and the development of Internet of Things. This sets demands for increased security requirements for both hardware and software in this area. Rostec is able to build reliable and well-tested technology for new generation networks in a short timeframe. At the moment, the industry and the state are discussing a set of interrelated measures that create conditions for the widespread implementation of Russian designs”, says the CEO of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov.

The concern’s solution is characterized by the predominant use of Russian designs, fully complying with the requirements for obtaining the status of telecommunication equipment of Russian origin and Russian software. They are currently undergoing the process of registration.

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, together with Rostec and Avtomatika, presented proposals for the development of a set of interrelated measures to ensure the implementation of domestic solutions for 5G/IMT-2020 networks. Such a concept implies, among other things, taking measures to strengthen international partnerships and cooperation projects by localizing foreign technologies at the production facilities of Russian enterprises in accordance with the regulator’s requirements. At the moment, the draft is being discussed by telecom operators and other concerned organizations”, said the CEO of Avtomatika Concern, Vladimir Kabanov.

Further development of products in the scientific and industrial cooperation of radioelectronic cluster will allow to create a reliable infrastructure, which could be the basis for the implementation of the Digital Economy national program.

The CIPR-2019 conference (The Digital Economy of Industrial Russia 2019) was held between May 22 and 24 in Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan). CIPR-2019 traditionally unites heads of federal and regional departments, representatives of big business and start-ups, private investors and state development institutions, business practitioners and representatives of the scientific community. The conference is attended by over 5000 delegates and 370 speakers. CIPR-2019 is dedicated to innovative digital technologies and the prospects for their development in Russia.

The Avtomatika Concern specializes in information security, development and production of technical equipment and systems of secured communications, protected information and telecommunication systems, as well as special-purpose automated control systems. The company's products include encryption devices, information security solutions, secure video conferencing systems, secure automatic telephone exchange facilities, such as Safe City, Smart City and Internet of Things systems, equipment for automation of electoral processes, system solutions for security and monitoring the status of infrastructure facilities, satellite equipment, and other products.??