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Roll out of 5G in US

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 20/03/2018 a las 20:27:41

AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint have all announced the roll out of 5G in various cities in the US. What that means for users is that the speed will be much faster allowing operators to offer more services via mobile like TV shows developed for mobile, more focus on video, and additional new tech companies that will develop because of the newfound capabilities of 5G.


Gil Regev, Chief Communications Officer at RGK Mobile, a company that provides mobile content to operators states:

“5G could possibly, for once and for all, fulfill mobile’s ambition to change the way we consume media. While we keep crowning each year as the Year of Video, 2028 just might be it. We are talking a new reality, where mobile finally addresses the demand of the new generation for movies, sophisticated games and interactive media, on the go. Advertising will follow through, finally addressing the severe need for new, mobile-dedicated, ad formats that are video-based, context-related, proactive and personalized; while marketers, publishers and carriers struggle to adjust, they will collect their rewards in the form of dramatically improved ad performance.”