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Roaming everywhere

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 30/10/2014 a las 21:21:15

For the second year running, Starhome Mach’s steering of roaming solution was selected by mobile operators worldwide as the best in the market in an independent survey conducted by Roaming Consulting Company Ltd. (ROCCO).  Starhome Mach is the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing services. 

Starhome Mach excelled in the leadership KPIs, including industry expertise and customer orientation, and as the leading roaming enabler. For performance KPIs, Starhome Mach received the highest rankings in customer service, value for money, reliability, and depth of understanding of the roaming business.  

“The best judges of a product are its users. To be selected among our competitors is the best endorsement of our product, service, and the value we provide to our customers,” said Guy Reiffer, VP Marketing and Partnerships at Starhome MACH. “The survey shows what operators worldwide already know – that Starhome Mach offers the best product, affirming our position as a leader in the inter-carrier market, recognizing the value we add to operators and their customers, who are looking for excellent user experience and lower costs.”


Starhome Mach’s Intelligent Preferred Network (IPN) steering solution is available for LTE roaming, allowing operators to guarantee a high level of QoS and a better user experience by minimizing service disruptions between LTE and GSM. The handover between LTE and legacy networks is critical; Starhome Mach’s LTE-compliant solutions promote the best possible user experience by enabling subscribers to seamlessly roam in hybrid networks. Meanwhile, the company’s unique LTE Accelerator solution accelerates the roaming agreements process from months to a matter of weeks to enable serving inbound roamers using LTE handsets.

"Starhome Mach will continue to drive technology to meet the demands of operators in this rapidly changing and highly competitive market, enabling them to deliver seamless mobile experiences to consumers anywhere they are,” concluded Reiffer.