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pureLiFi demonstrate the world?s first LiFi integrated devices

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pureLiFi, the tech firm leading innovation of LiFi technology that aims to transform the future of wireless networks, continues to drive LiFi technology forward by showcasing new LiFi integrated devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC).


pureLiFi’s industry-leading technology, including the LiFi-XC along and their two new demonstrations of integrated LiFi devices, are on show at MWC in Barcelona from 26th February to 1st March. The team is demonstrating a high speed bidirectional networked and mobile communication system using light.


The significant progression pureLiFi has made in the miniaturisation of mobile LiFi technology means that LiFi is now small enough to be integrated into many laptops, tablets and smart appliances.


To demonstrate this LiFi technology leap at MWC pureLiFi have integrated their LiFi-XC system into an off the shelf commercial Dell laptop and manufactured a LiFi phone sleeve to operate with a Samsung mobile phone. The team performed the world’s first skype call on a LiFi enabled mobile phone to an audience at their stand at MWC. Both systems offer the same high speed, secure mobile communications through light using their LiFi-XC product.


Alistair Banham, pureLiFi’s CEO, said:


“At pureLiFi we continue to drive LiFi technology to the next stage in its maturity. These two new integrated examples point to the future that LiFi will provide. We see LiFi connecting every device and everyone. Today we’ve proven we’re clearly on the way to realising that vision.”


Harald Haas founder of pureLiFi says:


“This is what we have been waiting for the past 16 years. This will truly enable the fourth industrial revolution by providing the nervous system of wireless communications connecting everything. LiFi is ready for real integration.”


In October 2017 pureLiFi Launched the LiFI-XC the most commercially ready LiFi system on the market. The LiFi-XC offers partners and customers the ability to deploy a fully networked LiFi solution. Unlike other VLC products, the LiFi-XC supports multiple access, roaming, complete mobility and ease of use – providing a level of user experience that is comparable technologies such as Wi-Fi with all the security and density benefits of the light spectrum.


pureLiFi continue to expand their reach year on year with deployments in over 20 countries. The LiFi technology demonstrated by pureLiFi at Mobile World Congress is proof that a light connected world is just on the horizon.