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Protect 4G and LTE Mobile Networks

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 26/01/2016 a las 18:05:44

Clavister (Nasdaq: CLAV), a leader in high-performance network security, has launched a new Unified Telecom Security appliance that delivers the highest levels of performance, security and resilience for mobile network operators (MNOs) and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs). 


The Clavister P80 is a turnkey appliance that is purpose-built for securing 4G/LTE network environments, offering market leading reliability of up to six nines (99.9999%) availability for demanding applications.  Its advanced feature set enables MNOs and TEMs to:


  • Protect backhaul traffic in LTE networks with IPsec encryption and firewalling at scale, to secure data traffic from cell sites to the network core
  • Secure mobile networks from threats and attacks targeting the GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) network, protecting MNOs against costly security incidents such as DoS attacks, privacy intrusions and overbilling attacks
  • Deliver secure data offloading from radio networks onto low-cost WiFi networks.  


The Clavister P80’s modular, high performance architecture ensures that security does not compromise network performance or create bottlenecks. The rack-mountable, 2U-high solution offers up to 120Gbps firewall throughput and 40Gbps VPN performance, with a high density of 10GbE interfaces supporting up to 30 million concurrent connections.  It enables MNOs to consolidate their 4G/LTE security estates, reducing complexity and cutting the cost and management overheads of using point solutions from multiple vendors.


John Vestberg, Clavister CTO:  "As mobile networks transition to IP the network operators can not afford to compromise on either security or performance. The P80 is purposefully designed to support the service requirements of this market, combining advanced security technologies to control network access, protect against sophisticated attacks with exceptional performance.” 


“Clavister’s next-generation solutions give operators the best platform to meet demands for end-to-end, standards-based security and high performance at scale. This is underpinned by the fact we do not include backdoors in any of our solutions. Following on from the enhancements to cOS Stream last year, the P80 further strengthens our proposition for MNOs and telecoms equipment manufacturers, putting us in a position to gain further market share. ”


With the changing threat landscape and the explosion of new Internet connected devices, MNOs and telecom service providers are facing the increasingly complex task of providing more effective security protections while meeting ever-growing performance demands.


With its advanced security features and high-performance architecture enabled by the Clavister cOS Stream operating system, the Clavister P80 helps organisations to secure networks against attacks and threats, and keep critical data secure by combining high-volume throughput, reliability and rich security features. cOS Stream incorporates Intel’s Quick Assist acceleration technology and achieves market leading VPN performance on both physical and virtual appliances, achieving up to 40 Gbps IPsec performance.


Clavister’s solution supports 3GPP-compliant IPsec functionality alongside policy control, compliance logging, and bandwidth management. 


Last year Clavister signed a software license agreement with a leading Telecom Equipment Vendor to deliver software-based security solutions. Agreements have also been signed with the Military (Telecom) Industry and Blue-light systems based on the same platform. The company also recently announced a collaboration with its partner Artesyn Embedded Technologies launching the Centellis® Security Edition platform. The platform utilises Clavister solutions to enable carriers to dramatically lower the cost of developing, deploying and running virtual and cloud-based security gateways on telecom networks.


Since 2013 the company has been a member of the Intel Network Builders program, a cross-industry initiative to make it easier for cloud providers and telcos to build, secure and manage Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) infrastructures, with lower capital and operating costs.


More information about this new appliance can be found here