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Presentation of innovative Smart Wallet

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 24/05/2016 a las 18:44:39

While there have been many developments in payment technology over the past few years, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, none have truly broken through to attract the masses.  Consumers want control of their credit and debit cards, total security and the ability to use their cards no matter where they shop.  With Apple Pay and Android Pay in a limited amount of locations, consumers still need to carry all of their cards the majority of the time, so these have not been great options for most users.

Today, Spendwallet, a cutting-edge “smart wallet” that electronically consolidates credit, debit and giftcards onto one physical, electronic device that removes the bulk of traditional, over filled wallets, was announced.  To help bring Spendwallet to market, X Lab has launched an Indiegogo campaign (  A limited number of Early Bird specials of 39% off MSRP will be available, as well as other offers.

Featuring a secure and easy-to-use interface, it allows users to instantly make a payment anywhere with just a tap on existing retail store card swipe equipment. Spendwallet utilizes a self-developed antenna and pulse emitting technology called magnetic flux technology (MFE), that generates a magnetic field to make the card reader respond as if a card has actually been swiped.  Just tap and finish a payment anywhere.  Users can therefore use their smart wallet in close to a 100% of all retail stores.