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Precision 5G transport accelerates digital transformation of industries

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 24/08/2021 a las 18:21:35

Ms. Liu Fangfei, Director of Transport Network Integrated Solution from ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions , has delivered a speech entitled "Precision 5G Transport Network Empowers Vertical Industries" at the China 5G Network Innovation Forum 2021.

Ms. Liu suggested that ZTE's precision 5G transport can accurately identify user requirements, allocate network resources for real precision services and help operators empower industries in the ToB field, further speeding up their digital transformation in the 5G era.

The year 2021 marks large-scale construction of 5G networks. Under the background of new infrastructure construction, building high-value network infrastructure, accelerating the industrial applications, and boosting value-oriented transformation are three major cornerstones for the long-term development of 5G.

With the boom of 5G applications such as cloud AR/VR, drones and virtual 5G private networks, different industries from power grid, transportation to education are bound more tightly to 5G. Thus, a new era of 5G-based industry  has come around.

As for how to develop the new transport network in the new era, Liu Fangfei stated that the demands for the transport network are more specific mainly in four aspects of deterministic transport pipes, intelligent network O&M, real-time service awareness and high-precision time synchronization.

ZTE’s precision 5G transport network solution integrates such innovative technologies as precision pipeline, precision management and control, precision diagnosis and precision synchronization, to support flexible slicing of 2Mbps~5Gbps, and allow efficient and reliable service transport.

In addition, its precision network service capabilities such as minute-level automatic slicing provisioning, millisecond-level network performance monitoring and end-to-end 10ns time synchronization precision can realize deterministic service forwarding.

Moving forward, ZTE will, riding the wave of 5G, continue to team up with its partners to deepen research in 5G-related fields. The company will serve a wider range of industries and assist them in achieving commercial success in the 5G era.