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Perfect Corp. Introduces Multiple Earring Placement

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 26/04/2022 a las 13:41:04

Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, today announced an exciting extension to its 3D AR virtual try-on solution for earrings. The virtual try-on technology allows fine jewelry brands to enable hyper-realistic simulations of earrings and ear jewelry. With the latest addition to this technology, fine jewelry brands can take their personalization strategies to new heights, providing customers with the ability to virtually try on earring styles in various positions across the ear to find their perfect look. The solution is an exciting enhancement to Perfect Corp.’s existing 3D AR virtual try-on solution for earrings, and the newest offering integrated into Perfect Corp.’s portfolio of AI and AR fashion tech solutions, which currently includes virtual try-on technology for rings, bracelets, watches, eyewear, and accessories.


Market-leading Virtual Try-on Solution powered by AgileFace® Proprietary Technology, with 13 Earring Placements, and Physically Based Rendering


Perfect Corp.’s 3D AR virtual try-on solution for earrings allows fine jewelry brands to create true-to-life renderings of earrings that can be tried on by customers conveniently from their laptop or mobile device. Leveraging Physically Based Rendering technology, the solution supports high-resolution textures and material reflections to ensure hyper-realistic depictions of jewelry detail and finish during the virtual try-on experience. The leading-edge AgileFace® technology further enhances the realism of the real-time experience by facilitating  simulated motion physics and occlusion culling, thereby accurately predicting movement of the jewelry elements and controlling the visibility in various viewing angles.


The new virtual experience allows for jewelry try-on in 13 distinct positions across the ear. Users can mix and match ear accessories in several placements on the ear lobe, and along the helix in real time. As consumers continue to prioritize health and safety, the virtual try-on solution provides fine jewelry brands with a seamless way to offer product try-on in a fully contactless and hygienic setting. The solution can also be easily integrated across key touchpoints in the omnichannel shopping journey, from desktop and mobile web browsers, to in-store smart beauty mirrors, and ecommerce platforms.


Perfect Corp. Provides Complete Suite of AR Fashion Tech Solutions for Fine Jewelry Brands


“We are thrilled to be introducing the new extended offering for 3D AR earring technology to our suite of fashion tech virtual try-on solutions for fine jewelry brands,” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang, “As the fashion industry embraces digital transformation, virtual product try-on is becoming essential to connect with consumers and build personalized shopping journeys. This advanced extended AR solution will offer fine jewelry brands a multi-faceted way to engage and personalize the earring shopping experience along the omnichannel journey. With this newest addition, Perfect Corp. is providing fine jewelry brands with a full suite of cutting-edge technology to enable hyper-realistic virtual try-on for earrings, watches, rings, bracelets and more.”


To learn more about the AR Virtual Earring Try-On, please visit:


To learn more about the AgileFace® technology, please visit: