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Open Source Initiative Welcomes Open edX as Newest Affiliate Member

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Open Source Initiative Welcomes Open edX as Newest Affiliate Member (


"At edX, we've always had a deep commitment to open source. We cemented that commitment in 2013 when we first released the platform under the AGPL license in collaboration with Stanford University,” said Joel Barciauskas, Engineering Manager at Open edX. “Joining the OSI marks another major step forward in our continued commitment both to our open-source community and the open-source movement as a whole. Our new collaboration reinforces the mission at edX to increase access to quality education and technology around the world, and we look forward to working with the OSI to promote the values of open collaboration."


OSI Welcomes Powering Potential: Open Source Advocates Extending Education in Tanzania (


“We use 15 watt computers, with open source software, running on DC electricity provided by solar power. We also install equipment to access the Internet through cell phone signals, if there is a signal strong enough,” said Eng. Albin Mathias, country director at Powering Potential. “If not, we still install the cellular equipment so schools will be ready if and when a signal does reach them. However, a hallmark of our programs is the offline digital library, including RACHEL educational content, which does not require Internet connectivity.”

Such efforts have earned admiration across Tanzania, including from His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania. He has stated that, “This is the technology which we need for the rural areas."

“We are open source advocates and membership will connect us to like-minded organizations, and help us promote open source software in Africa," said Janice Lathen, founder of Powering Potential. "I was honored when Powering Potential was recognized for our work and invited to apply for affiliate membership with the Open Source Initiative.”


Odoo Community Association Joins Open Source Initiative (


"We created the OCA to organize the open source development around Odoo, and promote its widespread use," said Maxime Chambreuil, Vice-President of the Odoo Community Association. "We use the OSI definition of Open Source to determine the licenses we accept. It is important for organizations like OSI to keep doing their work and we want to contribute to your goals achievements as it helps us achieve ours."