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OCF and FIWARE Foundation, Partners for Mutual Smart Data Models Adoption

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 17/05/2022 a las 23:09:20

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and FIWARE Foundation have formed a mutually beneficial partnership which provides members from both organizations with increased access to data models and standards that support the development of secure, interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.


The OCF is bringing a comprehensive set of smart home and smart building models to the table, across areas including air quality testing, carbon dioxide detection and blood pressure monitoring.      FIWARE Foundation has provided access to its building blocks, reference architectures, smart city and industrial models.


Bruno Johnson, Chair of OCF Marketing and Communications Work Group, commented: “The collaboration is significant as it is opening up access to a wide array of data models which can speed up the development of secure infrastructure. FIWARE’s members can also swiftly adopt our Secure IP Device Framework to help create secure deployments with rapid development and simple integrations with IoT networks, and dynamically align these with baselines for IoT security and privacy regulations.”


As an ISO/IEC adopted standard, the OCF’s framework is internationally agreed upon by experts and is gaining adoption as a national standard in countries worldwide. With the OCF adopting FIWARE’s data models, in time, these too will be brought into the ISO/IEC standard.


Ulrich Ahle, CEO of FIWARE Foundation, confirmed: “We are thrilled about our collaboration with the OCF. Its extensive expertise and experience in contributing to the definition of technical standards across industries, following an implementation-driven open-source approach, will be invaluable as we work together to create and advance the adoption of smart data models for IoT devices and related-systems. It’s a perfect strategic fit. OCF’s commitment to collaboration and co-creation so that systems can be deployed in an open and standardized way dovetails with our goal to enable devices to communicate with one another, regardless of operating system, service provider, transport technology, or ecosystem.”


Over 65 data models defined by the OCF have already been made available in FIWARE’s Smart Data Models Program, with more than 200 soon to be adopted – contributing to the over 800 smart data models already provided through the FIWARE-driven program.


Bruno concluded: “By supporting the development of IoT technology in a secure and interoperable way, together we can further encourage its evolution and positive global impact.”


For more information about OCF or to become a member, please visit the website. For more information on FIWARE, FIWARE membership, and FIWARE Smart Data Models, find the website here.