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Newest Generation USB-Based Fingerprint Reader

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 23/12/2017 a las 11:42:23

NEXT Biometrics  has announced availability of the latest generation of peripheral fingerprint readers, the Oyster II. The USB-based device, which can be connected to a variety of mobile and desktop computing gear, leverages the same form factor used in NEXT’s “Oyster I” fingerprint reader that was introduced in 2015. The new Oyster II also incorporates proven sensor technology from NEXT, which has already been designed into millions of notebook computers.


The Oyster II peripheral sensor module (NB-3020-U2) is contained in an elegant, ergonomic casing that includes a large active reader area for more reliable imaging, intuitive operation and is designed to serve a broad range of market applications requiring both security and convenience.


“Building on the success of NEXT’s fingerprint sensor technology that is now widely designed into mobile computing devices, we’re introducing a USB version that can be easily transported and used for an even broader set of fingerprint authentication applications,” said Radek Matyasek, senior vice president of Sales at NEXT. “We’ve taken our leading fingerprint sensing capability and greatly expanded how and where it can now be used.”


The Oyster II relies on the patented NEXT Active Thermal™ technology that allows it to overcome interference from dirt or grease that would disrupt other fingerprint sensors. The device can also operate reliably in all relevant environmental conditions. The USB connectivity allows the sensor to be attached to virtually any PC or notebook computer.


NEXT provides hardware drivers and a complete biometric software developer kit (SDK) based on NEXT’s certified partner algorithm for Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. The device is compatible with Windows Biometric Framework and Windows Hello.


For more detailed product information and technical specifications, please visit