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New service for west cost of Africa

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 11/11/2014 a las 21:12:20

Kirusa, the leader in voice messaging and social media mobile apps in emerging markets, has announced the launch of its popular services, Celeb Connect and Sports Connect in Ivory Coast, in partnership with Moov. While Celeb Connect service will enable fans to directly connect with their favorite celebrities, Sports Connect service will facilitate Moov subscribers to get updates about their favorite soccer clubs and teams. These services are available across Ivory Coast, to all Moov subscribers, and on both smartphones and feature phones. 

Celeb Connect bridges celebrities and fans, adding voice to their interactions. By providing multiple modes of interactions, Celeb Connect augments the quality of conversations between celebrities and their fans.

From Celeb-to-fans and fans-to-Celeb, Celeb Connect provides a seamless flow of messages, and creation of micro blogs. Using the unique voice micro blogging feature of Celeb Connect, celebrities voice their emotions, allowing their fans to hear them, a better option than just reading their text messages on a blog or media outlet. These messages, called Vobolos, are delivered instantly to subscribing fans, creating a “Voice Twitter” like experience. Participating stars include enticing actors and enchanting musicians like John Zaibo Jay Kajeem, Nash, DJ Kejevara and Betika.

Sports Connect service enables subscribers to receive daily soccer updates such as team news, pre and post-match analysis and quotes of team managers as well as players. The bulletins are available in English and French languages. The service, offered in partnership with, includes frequent updates about various European clubs, such as Barcelona, Manchester United, and Chelsea.

Sharing views on the partnership, Isabelle HAJRI, Chief Commercial Officer, Moov Ivory Coast, added, “We are delighted to partner with Kirusa and offer these innovative services on our network. Celeb Connect enables you to move beyond just reading celebrity posts, to hearing updates recorded in their own voice. One can also share posts to Twitter and Facebook, all with a single tap on your mobile phone. Moreover sports connect does not let you miss a single memorable moment from your favorite soccer club. This is incredible!”

Ecstatic with the launch, John Zaibo Jay, added, “I’ve always had a very special relationship with my fans, and Celeb Connect will help me maintain and build on that connection.  It's a simple and easy mobile experience and is designed specifically to make it even easier for public figures to post and interact with fans in their own voice.” 

Barinderpal Singh Mumick, Vice President, Operations, Kirusa, added, “Kirusa is driven to offer engaging experiences to mobile subscribers. We are excited to partner with Moov Ivory Coast and bring sports and celebrities even closer to their subscribers.”

About Moov Ivory Coast
Moov is a part of Etisalat Telecom, is a leading telecom operator in West Africa and Central Africa. Moov relies on a solid foundation to deliver the telephony of tomorrow for every citizen of the countries in which the group operates (Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Niger, Central African Republic and Togo). Moov brings innovative offerings that are based on value-added services taking into account the specificities of each consumer and providing solutions tailored to their expectations.

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