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New french strat-up: Parental control

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 24/02/2015 a las 18:54:33

Present at the Mobile World Congress 2015, French start-up Ars Nova Systems promotes its intuitive multi-device parental control solution Effectively protecting a family’s multiple devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), Parentsaround continues to improve its offering as children's needs develop.


Parental control which adapts according to children’s use


Parentsaround is a multi-device parental control that allows parents to protect their children and teenagers from inappropriate content and screen addiction. Parents can control time spent on each device and protect each user independently according to age thanks to intelligent internet filters that allow safe browsing.


The idea of a multi-device solution was born in 2012, when it became clear that children access the internet, social media and mobile applications in a multitude of ways and on many devices. was created to provide parents with a simple solution to remotely and seamlessly control what their children do online. Parentsaround protects all the devices of a family (PC, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones), on any type of network (wifi, 3G, etc.) via a simple portal. This technical innovation is in tune with the public's expectations as well as those of mobile operators seeking to provide an advanced parental control service to their customers.


Protecting children from digital threats, anytime and anywhere


Rapid growth in ICT means that children and teenagers are more active on the internet than ever before, with over 75% now considering themselves to be smartphone addicts. And with over 62% already exposed to harmful content it is more crucial than ever to ensure they are safe online.


With a patented internet filtering technology, children can safely surf through the digital world by avoiding inappropriate content. Parents can also tackle cyber-addiction by controlling the time spent on devices, immediately and remotely disconnecting a child. Allowing or restricting applications on smartphones and tablets during time slots also helps to prevent screen addiction.


Adapting to new user ways and to further ensure children’s safety online, launched a new safe video-streaming service for kids on Android called Tivikid in the last quarter of 2014; young children can watch their favourite cartoons without being exposed to inappropriate content on platforms such as Youtube. A safe browser for iOS has already been added to extend the service, and in 2015 Parentsaround will further improve its offer by launching a solution for Windows Phone (available in the second semester of this year).


Solutions for both operators and families provides its solution (based on a set-up fee and income share scheme) to mobile operators seeking to offer this service to their customers. With this economic model, the start-up satisfies the need of mobile operators to increase their service portfolio by providing them with high added value. Virgin Mobile, Thomson and Post Luxembourg have already seen the value of this service by offering it as part of their services direct to customers.


The general public solution takes the form of a subscription on the site, with a single license to protect all devices used by their family. This package costs € 2.99 per month or € 29 per year. also offers a solution dedicated to schools as more and more are using digital school bags in the form of tablets. The software manages application content, create user schedules and apply an internet filter. This solution can be also used to automatically allocate different user profiles to students within and outside of the institution.