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Netgem launches new, out-of-the-box connected TV solution

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 19/03/2014 a las 12:13:42

Netgem, an end-to-end provider of innovative video solutions for the connected home entertainment market, today announced its new out-of-the-box connected TV solution, netbox360. This new entertainment video offering enables operators to bring premium linear, on-demand and OTT content and services to any screen in the home, delivering next-generation immersive experiences in a personalised, 'lean-back' fashion. 
With rising consumer demand for alternatives to linear TV content and services, Netgem's next-generation entertainment gateway, netbox360, enables operators of all types, including mobile and telco operators, to enhance the linear TV experience, bypassing restrictions imposed by limited bandwidth through its game changer technology Total TV. Total TV provides advanced, ultra-high bandwidth video experiences, including live HD streaming, enhanced DVR, program start-over and time-shift, to any home with a 4Mbits+ broadband connection.
Providing a highly immersive and intuitive user experience across tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, Netgem's H+mepage user interface ensures seamless navigation and a consistent user experience across different devices, helping operators to deliver a compelling connected-TV line-up to customers. 
Through an open approach and native support for HTML5 and HbbTV, netbox360 enables operators to seamlessly integrate broadcast streams and popular OTT content, broadening the reach of content to all connected devices in the home.  
Netgem president, Christophe Aulnette, said: "Netbox360 provides an off-the-shelf solution for any operator looking to start and operate a full Connected TV service in the home, delivering a full featured multi-screen TV and video experience on any network. With an emphasis on delivering content-driven, seamless experiences via an engaging interface, netbox360 lowers the entry barrier for any operator looking to attract new consumers and gain relevance with next-generation video experiences in today's increasingly crowded digital living room."
Netbox360 additionally supports:
Content driven immersive and intuitive user interface on any screen 
Live streaming to multiple devices in the home 
Content owner friendly with the support of HTML5 and HbbTV 
Support for any Tablet and Smartphone for 'second screen' live and on-demand video  
Extensive catch-up and permanent time-shifting to any home with a 4Mbits+ broadband connection