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MYCOM OSI Cloud Platform powers its Experience Assurance and Analytics?

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 06/03/2018 a las 20:31:59

MYCOM OSIthe leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced the latest version of MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform delivering cloud native deployment and unified management services for its Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of applications, including performance management, fault management, service quality management, automation and analytics.


MYCOM OSI recently announced the launch of its cloud native EAA solution that, powered by MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform, enables CSPs to increase agility and efficiency through automated network and service operations. The platform also enables CSPs to assure their telco clouds, in which Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) architectures use state-of-the-art IT cloud technology. Telco clouds are a critical in enabling a CSP to transform its businesses to become a Digital Service Provider (DSP) and profit from increased customer experience, agility and cost reductions as well as taking advantage of the latest digital services, IoT and 5G opportunities.


MYCOM OSI’s EAA Cloud Platform delivers an open and flexible framework with key capabilities across three broad areas: cloud native technology, unified data management and common services for all its EAA applications.


Cloud Native Technology – agile, automated and low cost operations


Built with microservices, the MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform relies on a container architecture and cloud management in order to deliver infrastructure independence, elastic scaling and high availability for MYCOM OSI’s EAA applications. Key capabilities include:


  • Infrastructure-agnostic: deployable on bare metal, virtualized datacenters, private and public cloud environments with industry standard IaaS technologies enabling rapid, flexible low cost deployments that can seamlessly change and scale as required
  • High availability and scaling: self-orchestrating with automated scaling, replication and upgrade of software components without impacting the rest of the platform. This simplifies operations, minimizes downtime disruption and delivers high availability. Continuous monitoring of system health and resources ensures near zero downtime 


MYCOM OSI’s EAA Cloud Platform brings DevOps automation and governance of the managed applications with continuous, incremental software delivery through test, integration and production lifecycles. This reduces the need for IT support, enables faster and improved utilization of infrastructure and reduces deployment and operations effort by 75% versus traditional assurance systems. 


Unified Data Management and Services – integrated service assurance


MYCOM OSI’s EAA Cloud Platform collapses the assurance data silos that exist with legacy OSS systems through a common data architecture that enables data to be shared between all its EAA applications, including performance management, fault management and service quality management. This includes unified topologies, network and service inventories as well as the extraction of smart data from streaming and telemetry sources and external data lakes. Key capabilities include:


  • Common data sources for all applications, topology, service and network inventory data that enable cross-domain analysis and correlation, delivering integrated views and analysis across network, services, customer and device layers
  • Real time discovery of inventory changes for virtualized networks and automated onboarding providing the necessary level of agility to assure on-demand networks and services, improving visibility and service quality
  • Common support services for management of system health, security and platform orchestration to reduce operational complexity and costs
  • Big data integration using standard methodologies including Spark, Kafka, smart data and streaming sources


Open Flexible Framework – agnostic to NFV and cloud ecosystems


The MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform is open and integrates with a wide range of NFV and IT cloud ecosystem components via Open APIs, and includes:


  • Use of industry standard APIs including TM Forum Open APIs, ETSI, OASIS TOSCA and others to ensure seamless and flexible integration with the telco cloud ecosystem
  • Unified Kafka messaging bus architecture providing bi-directional integration with Virtualized Network Function  (VNF), Virtualized Event Stream (VES), data lakes and data hubs
  • Integration with NFV orchestrators, SDN/SDN-WAN orchestrators, virtual infrastructure managers, element management systems and OSS systems
  • Integration with customer experience management, service management and BSS systems
  • Dynamic integration with lifecycle service orchestrators and service catalogues, allowing automated onboarding and accelerated monitoring of new services. It supports TOSCA and YANG models and ad-hoc integration with proprietary CMDB models
  • Open flexible framework: MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform integrates with a wide range of virtualization and IT cloud ecosystems via Open APIs including TM Forum Open APIs, OpenStack, VMWare, data lakes, Kafka, MEF LSO, ETSI, ONAP, SDN and OPNFV to ensure seamless integration


“Moving assurance systems to the cloud is critical for CSPs to increase agility and reduce costs as they pursue strategies for automating operations and deploying virtualized networks” says Paul Ghanime, MYCOM OSI’s Vice President of Product Management. “MYCOM OSI’s EAA Cloud Platform customers, including the world’s first telco cloud and one of the top five largest CSPs globally, are already enjoying these benefits, as well as easier integration with the wider ecosystem through an open flexible framework.”


MYCOM OSI is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2018, which takes place from 26th February to 1st March in Barcelona, Spain. To pre-arrange a meeting with MYCOM OSI, please contact the marketing team at or click here. MYCOM OSI will be located in Hall 1, Stand 1A42.