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MyBrainTraining™, The Scientifically Tested Brain Training Now Available as App

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MyBrainTraining combines scientifically proven exercises with fun when using the program - an optimal synthesis to maintain, or even improve, the brain’s capacity and endurance. The 30 exercises to activate the brain, which were designed during the development of our successful "Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima" program cooperating with the Industry University Research Project with Professor Dr. Kawashima. Finally, the feeling “Man, I really don’t feel like doing something for my head today.” is history when using MyBrainTraining™. Even clinics, neuropsychologists, neurologists and occupational therapists put this effective program in its Professional Version to use.

In principal, there are two options to use MyBrainTraining™:

1. Consumer Version, available at, for everyone
Professional Version for physicians and therapists, which can be customized

True for both versions is: no matter where you are, just login and you are set to go. Registering with an account for the Consumer Version results in a free 4 day Premium-Membership allowing the user to test the program extensively. Users can then choose amongst different length memberships ranging from €9.99 for 1 month to €49.99 for 1 year. Importantly: this is not a subscription model, thus, after expiration the membership is not automatically renewed, requiring the user to sign up for a new membership.

MyBrainTraining™ was developed with a very special goal in mind: to stimulate the human brain and to train it to its full potential. Particular importance was placed on empirically proving each exercise’s effect on stimulating the prefrontal cortex. The objective was to combine scientific backing with ease of use. During this development we conducted several series of tests to measure the brain waves of hundreds of test persons by means of 28 NIR probes. The prefrontal cortex is a major part of the brain’s frontal lobe. That part of the brain forms the basis of a human’s capabilities in the areas creativity, memory, communication and self-control. Each brain is one-of-a-kind; therefore, MyBrainTraining™ exercises are continuously, and automatically, adapting to reflect each individual’s specific brain capacity. As the training should be fun, too, a host of game-like elements have been made part of the exercises.

MyBrainTraining™ was only available as Consumer Version, available at Increasingly, physicians and therapists asked for a Professional Version, which was then developed by BBG Entertainment GmbH in close collaboration with renowned scientists and physicians. That version is now available in parallel to the Consumer Version and is being used as cognitive intervention in the areas neuropsychology, neurology, and occupational therapy. We continue to validate the Professional Version in studies to showcase proof of its effectiveness, creating the evidence that sets us apart from other brain jogging products. Hence, the Consumer Version benefits from application in the medical sector and, in consequence, so does the consumer („.. if it works for sick people, then healthy people will certainly benefit from using MyBrainTraining™.“).

MyBrainTraining™ is completely localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.