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Mobile Data Explosion

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 24/02/2015 a las 19:27:12

Teclo Networks, a leader in TCP/IP data optimization, has announced that it has noticed a rapid increase in the amount of encrypted data sent over mobile networks. Encrypted data has now grown to more than 30% of the total traffic carried over a mobile network, up from just a few percent two years ago.


Although major content providers such as Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter already encrypt most of their data, Teclo expects the growth in encrypted traffic to continue as more content providers follow suit. This growth is good news for both end users and content providers, with encrypted protocols like HTTPS, HTTP/2 and SPDY providing additional privacy and security.


However, for operators, encrypted data causes a number of problems. Back when almost all data was unencrypted and transferred over HTTP, operators built their networks and regulators built their laws on the assumption that data was transferred in the clear. It could be cached, probed, checked, compressed and copied. Since none of that manipulation works on encrypted traffic, it bypasses the existing HTTP-based infrastructure.


The S-Series from Teclo Networks is a TCP optimization solution that accelerates the transfer of TCP traffic, which comprises more than 90% of all - encrypted and unencrypted - traffic in mobile data networks. With TCP optimization, operators can improve their customer experience and speed up both data uploads and downloads by up to 60% with servers installed only in the core network.


Jane Walerud CEO of Teclo Networks said: “In just a few years we have noticed a seismic shift in the data we optimize. In four years, we have gone from 3% of data being encrypted to now more than 30%. This trend is rapidly accelerating, and we are now seeing operators looking for solutions that are able to optimize both encrypted and unencrypted data.”


Teclo Networks will also be demonstrating its TCP/IP optimization solution the S-Series at this year’s Mobile World Congress (Hall 7 Stand 7 G11) from the 2nd-5th March.