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Lithium Report 2017 Update 2

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 16/05/2017 a las 23:49:07

In this report we present to you the second update of Lithium special report.


Swiss Resource Capital AG has made it its business to topically and comprehensively inform precious metals and commodity investors, interested parties and the individual wants to become an investor in various commodities and mining companies.


On the website you will find 17 companies and information and articles about the topic commodities. Series of special reports started with lithium because it is considered this metal to be one of the great future metals in the energy sector and in spite the already happened boom, see big chances and potentials in the long term.


The battery development is only at the beginning of a long road and the electric automobile has to capture its place among consumers and in the automobile history. Lithium is the main component of all available large-scale production batteries and accumulators and therefore the crucial link in the electro mobility dream. The necessary charging infrastructure is pushed along and expanded in Germany which might accelerate the future trend. Lithium is the future of energy storage for mass energy and e-mobililty.

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