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Jolla Adventures: a Nordic start-up adventure to Asia

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The start-up conference Slush 2015 marks the birth of Jolla Adventures, a new accelerator initiative bridging Nordic technology start-ups with Asian financing and growth markets. Jolla Adventures is one of the only start-up accelerators in the Nordic region with a strong focus on China and India, which combined are growing to be a more significant investment hub than North America. 
According to Bloomberg’s recent statistics, the value of venture investments by China and India has reached a similar level as North America. The importance of the growing Asian consumer markets is also undoubtedly rising to compete strongly with the rest of the world.
Jolla Adventures is a new start-up accelerator initiative founded by two Jolla founders, Antti Saarnio and Sami Pienimäki. With the vast amount of Asia experience and know-how from the mobile company Jolla, the mission of Jolla Adventures is to help other great Nordic start-ups to succeed in Asia.
Antti Saarnio, Co-founder of Jolla Adventures comments: “We know how hard start-up life can be. We founded the mobile company Jolla in 2011 with the aim to change the mobile world. After several product launches and raising US$50 million, we are equipped with huge amounts of learnings and know-how in hardware and software business. We have also built a very wide network of friends in numerous Asian financing partners and companies; it all boils down to networks and connections to the right sources to make things happen.”
“Now we want to share our learnings and networks with fellow entrepreneurs. Our promise to passionate Nordic tech start-ups is simple: if you have a world-changing product idea and team, we will find financing and other needed assets for you to make it fly.”
Focus on Asia and IoT, Fintech and consumer innovations tech start-ups in the Nordics
Whereas many others prefer to go west, Jolla Adventures goes east. Utilizing its established networks in China and India, Jolla Adventures offers a perfect gateway to the world’s most significant financing and consumer markets.
Jolla Adventures focuses on Nordic technology companies with specific focus and interest on Internet-of-Things, Fintech, and consumer innovations. Jolla Adventures will go all the way with selected participants.
Antti Saarnio continues: “Our support is not at all just about financing; as experts in start-up life, we will support selected start-ups all the way. Jolla Adventures will mentor and help from product concepts and building demos to finding and making agreements with manufacturing partners, sales channels, and corporate services.”
US$200,000 seed financing and more
Jolla Adventures will carefully handpick up to five companies to its first Accelerator Program in Hong Kong, to be able to offer full focus and assistance for each participant. The support includes not only mentoring and up to US$200,000 seed financing, but also leveraging Jolla Adventures’ networks and experience in design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales channels and corporate services.
Every participant in the Jolla Adventures Accelerator Program is also directly connected with trusted financing partners who govern funds of over US$500 million, with the target to get growth financing within the Program. 
The first Jolla Adventures Accelerator Program starts in early 2016. Application period is now open and lasts until December 15.