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IoT Technology is a new era

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 13/12/2016 a las 13:48:01

Libelium have released a new videoclip to show how the IoT Technology is helping to achieve the most important challenges of the new era. The company presents some of the most relevant projects developed in different applications such us smart cities, water management, environment care, parking, logistics, retail, industry, ehealth and precision agriculture.


The company is combating these threats powering smart projects based on the Internet of Things technology with its new generation of IoT platforms in more than 120 countries since 2006. Libelium has summarized in the video some of the most important worldwide IoT projects such as measuring radiation levels in Fukushima (Japan), preventing plagues in vineyards (Slovenia), monitoring traffic and environment in Smart Cities (Hoboken), reducing manufacturing costs in smart factories (Spain), ensuring water quality in the biggest fish farms (Vietnam), preventing volcanoes activity (Nicaragua) or combating climate change in the rain forest (Peru).


Watch the video through this link: