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Integrated Mobile Cyber Command and Control System

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 09/06/2015 a las 10:51:30

Kaymera 360˚ is a comprehensive mobile cyber-security solution that perfectly balances high-end, military-grade mobile cyber-defense techniques with a standard smartphone experience. Kaymera’s multi-layered cyber-defense approach, combines high-end encryption securing data-at-rest as well as data-in-motion, active device protection, data leakage and unauthorized resources access prevention and real time attack detection.


The Kaymera 360˚ solution deployment involves the modification of off-the-shelf Android based mobile devices through the installation of a proprietary secured version of the Android OS, embedded with Kaymera’s four layers of defense (encryption, protection, prevention and detection) built into the kernel level and up. This ensures that both resources as well as user-generated content remains protected at all times from various mobile threats including the interception of voice and data communications; man-in-the-middle attacks over WiFi or GSM networks; targeted Trojan attacks or infection through mass distribution of malware; data leakage by legitimate applications; GSM and GPS based location tracking, physical extraction of data, etc..


In addition to providing ultimate security and privacy, Kaymera’s solution provides optimal mobile user experience without any restrictions whatsoever, thus perfectly balancing security and usability.


The Kaymera 360 Cyber Command & Control Management System is a cyber-security focused monitoring and management application, enabling organizations to gain detailed, real-time visibility into the relevant mobile risk level and security posture of each and every personnel protected by the solution. The system monitors and alerts on any cyber-attacks or risky events in real-time, enabling the organization to apply advanced security policies to mitigate risk and improve overall security posture as a result. The Mobile Cyber Command & Control system’s dashboard allows users to drill down for in-depth details regarding usage statistics, risk assessments, reports and much more. Designed for flexibility and interoperability, the management system can be integrated into or alongside with any of the leading MDM solutions.



“As mobile cyber-attacks for commercial espionage purposes continue to rise in prevalence, enterprises, organizations and professionals must take major steps to ensure the integrity and security of their communication channels, and protect data stored as well as data transmitted both internally as well as externally. Kaymera’s military-grade mobile cyber defense solution provides an unmatched level of mobile security, combined with an uncompromised end-user experience and complete organization-level risk and security posture monitoring with system wide command and control capabilities.” Says Avi Rosen, Kaymera CEO.