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iMoveCharger™ Converts Everyday Movements into Power for Phones and Tablets

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 05/05/2014 a las 21:22:21

The Franklin-Thomas Company, a generator building business, needs $25,000 by May 12, 2014, to finalize its revolutionary, miniaturized generator, the iMoveCharger™, that will make convenient on-the-go charging of smart phones and tablets possible. Funds raised for the iMoveCharger campaign will go toward materials and initial manufacturing of the units. These lightweight, cordless devices promise the freedom of charging anywhere, at anytime, by using the user’s movements–a convenience that hasn’t been available until now. Pledge levels offering discounted units have been created to entice campaign contributions.
“Years ago, some wrist watches were ‘self winding.’ By just walking around, you wound your mechanical watch,” said Joe Shepard, CEO of The Franklin-Thomas Company. “We took that same principle, but instead of connecting the weight to the gears, we connected it to the shaft of our miniaturized generator. The energy created by movement is then converted into charging voltage.”
What does that mean for the user? The charging of any type of smart phone or tablet is possible by simply connecting an electronic device (with one of the included adapters) to the iMoveCharger™, selecting the appropriate voltage from 3.3 vdc to 15 vdc, and moving. That’s it. How’s that for multitasking? Whether placed in a purse or carried in a pocket, the small, everyday movements that people make, whether running, walking or even just bending over, will be enough to generate enough energy to charge a device through the utilization of the integrated proven electronic generator.
Pledge levels have been created to help fund the campaign. With a contribution of $50, an iMoveCharger™ will be given (a $30 savings off the planned $80 retail price); however, this early bird pricing is limited to the first 1000 claimants.  An $85 pledge awards the funder two iMoveChargers™, a discount of nearly fifty percent. The $1000 donors will receive 25 units—enough to supply cutting-edge gifts for friends and family. Visit the campaign page to learn more.
When crafting the units, only the best magnets, most advanced circuitry and quality materials will be used, but if there should be a problem, each charger will come with a two-year replacement warranty. Manufacturers have been identified and suppliers are ready to deliver. With help, depleted battery power at the most inopportune moments will be a thing of the past. Share this newfound tool with others through Facebook and other social media sites and contribute to a cause that has the potential to completely change the way people charge their devices.