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How and Where iPhone Is Made

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 22/09/2014 a las 21:10:40

You may think the main reason iPhone 6 is still assembled mostly in China is because production costs there are really low. It turns out, one of the main reasons behind that is actually scalability not price (US-assembled iPhone would cost only $4 more). In the US setting up an assembly line would take 9 months while in China you can do that in merely two weeks!

Our previous “How iPhone Is Made” infographic from 2013 included this and other interesting facts, and was a huge success, featured on sites like, Yahoo, Entrepreneur and PCMag. Now we have created an updated version of the infographic using the latest 2014 data about iPhone 6 manufacturing process. Here’s the link:

Other interesting facts include:

  • Foxconn employees are now slowly being replaced by Foxbot robots
  • iOS 8 is the first iOS created without long-time Apple designer Greg Christie
  • Which major competitors of Apple participate in the production of the new iPhone?
  • iPhone production is so huge that it can affect the economies of Japan and China

With the recent launch of iPhone 6 still hot readers of Tecnonews will surely be interested in not only what features the new device has but also how and where it is manufactured.


Alex Hillsberg