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How AI can fundamentally transform drug discovery and nanomedicine

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 14/12/2021 a las 19:14:47

As global healthcare continues to feel pressure from COVID-19 an in-depth report by Nano Magazine –the online media site for small science – forecasts the pharma industry will have its biggest transformation in drug discovery for decades.

The report “How AI can Fundamentally Transform Drug Discovery and Nanomedicine” focuses on new healthcare platform technology companies, with the ability to deliver novel drug candidates that don’t rely on simply re-purposing already approved clinical applications.

The global report highlights how this new breed from life sciences is working with AI, nanomedicine and other advanced technologies to deliver breakthrough drugs, which can accelerate how we deal with major healthcare challenges, diseases, and pathogens.

But it is a story with many high and lows since AI was first hailed as the potential game changer some 30 years ago, the Nano Magazine report was sparked by the Alphabet-Google backed Isomorphic Labs being launched in November specifically to use AI for drug discovery.

The fanfare that follows any move by that tech giant has also now focused attention on other nimble and dynamic players opening up this massive opportunity for global healthcare.

Schrödinger has worked since 1990 creating drug discovery platform tools for other pharma companies, while others like Verseon have preferred to keep its platform technology under close guard, having already developed 14 novel drug candidates to various stages.

Pfizer’s former SVP of R&D Strategy Robert Karr invested in Verseon, explaining: “Everyone else has merely dabbled in the field of systematic drug discovery.

Verseon’s disruptive platform changes how drugs can be discovered and developed, and the company is poised to make a dramatic impact on modern medicine.”

To find out more about whether drug discovery and global healthcare is on the threshold of a new era, please click here to access a free PDF copy of the Nano Magazine report.