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groovemint Launches Music NFT Platform

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 26/07/2022 a las 09:27:19

groovemint is a new platform for creating and distributing music NFTs, making it easy for artists and labels to define and curate NFT releases while simplifying fan purchasing. The first groovemint NFT drop will come from iconic Los Angeles and Lagos, Nigeria-based label Immensum Music, featuring music from WurlD, an artist The New Yorker has described as “one of the most ambitious young artists in the cross-continental pop scene known as Afrobeats.”


WurlD and Immensum Music are using the groovemint platform to create a limited-edition music NFT, including a unique bundle of digital and IRL perks. Fans will receive previously unreleased music, special edition art, and more with their NFT purchase. On the heels of WurlD’s initial release, he and Nigerian Producer Sarz will team up for another NFT release, built from their past musical collaborations.


“Immensum always keeps its eye to the future, and we like what groovemint is doing in the NFT space. They make it easy for us to create unique release roll-outs and give fans new experiences and ways to connect with our artists,” says Koch Okoye, Founder and Managing Partner of Immensum Music.


“Artists and their labels have consistently asked us to make NFT creation, purchasing and consumption beautiful, simple, and seamless. They want to use this amazing new distribution format to make something special for all of their fans, not just the crypto-savvy.  So in addition to focusing on ease-of-curation, we’ve also focused on ease-of-purchase by providing social login and credit card minting, and a music NFT wallet.  This awakens mainstream web3 music purchasing and enjoyment by creating a simple, easy on-ramp,” adds groovemint CEO Kirt Debique.


groovemint’s second NFT drop will come from InHouse Records featuring Grammy-nominated DJ and Producer Todd Terry.


“Todd Terry has been an active participant in the space and is excited about the world of NFTs. He’s especially drawn to the level of control that groovemint is giving to artists and labels in building their own launchpad for NFT releases,” says Bill Klatt, Managing Partner at InHouse Records.


In this first version, the groovemint platform includes a feature-rich NFT release console for labels, a NFT launchpad and wallet experience for minters, as well as a service API for web3 application builders including marketplaces, wallets, metaverses, and games.


“Music NFTs have enormous potential to deliver a holistic vision to an artist’s fans. groovemint unlocks that potential by enabling artists and their teams to easily curate a wide range of content, merchandise, and fan experiences,” says groovemint CEO Kirt Debique.


groovemint will be partnering with other storied independent labels and their artists, including Motor Music and MalLabel, to release more great NFT drops over the next three months.