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Geotab Expands Global Telematics Reach with Sixt Leasing and Telefónica Germany

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Managers and executives in Germany typically waste dozens of hours a year manually logging the time they spend driving leased vehicles so they qualify for an income tax rebate of €1.500 or more. A new relationship between Geotab, Telefónica Germany and Sixt Leasing eliminates that waste by providing drivers with a one-click way to log each trip as personal or business.


The relationship coincides with Geotab’s launch of its fleet management solution with Telefónica Germany. Under this expanded partnership, Telefónica will use Geotab’s GO7 module and MyGeotab software for its fleet management products, which provide fleet owners with real-time engine data and other information, enabling them to maximize efficiency and productivity.


“We are proud that in our partnership with Telefónica Germany, our end-to-end fleet management solutions will allow users to reap the valuable benefits of functionality and quality,” said Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO. “We are deeply committed to our growing list of telematics partners and customers on a global scale, and this partnership is an excellent example of that dedication. We look forward to our continued relationship with Telefónica Germany.”


“Informative decision-making in telematics is necessary for operational success, and with access to real time data, comprehensive reporting and robust diagnostics, users of Telefónica Germany will achieve new efficiencies in fleet management,” said Timo von Lepel, Director B2B at Telefonica Germany. “Through our partnership with Geotab, we look forward to playing an instrumental role in boosting operational excellence for existing customers and new customers in the future.”


Telefónica Germany also will provide cellular service for the GO7 modules that support Driver’s Logbook, Sixt Leasing’s new smartphone app that automatically prompts drivers at the end of each trip to categorize it as work or personal. If they don’t, the app reminds them at the end of the week and provides a list of trips. This information is compiled and made available to drivers at the end of each year so they have an accurate record at tax time.


Sixt Leasing trialed telematics solutions from multiple vendors before selecting Geotab. Sixt Leasing engaged KPMG to vet Geotab’s solution and certify that the data can be sent to Germany’s tax authority and that it will be accepted. The relationship includes Carglass Germany, which will install the GO7 modules in leased vehicles.


Geotab’s relationship with Sixt Leasing is unique for a couple of additional reasons:


  • Unlike most fleet telematics products, which cater to fleet owners, managers and dispatchers, Driver’s Logbook involves drivers by providing a compelling financing incentive to use the app. This involvement helps Sixt Leasing differentiate itself by showing potential and existing customers how it’s using technology to eliminate tedious, potentially error-prone record keeping and enabling them to focus on their work.


  • The Geotab GO7 module and SDK are easily expandable, enabling Sixt Leasing to add internal and customer-facing applications in the future and to identify preventative maintenance opportunities to keep customers on the road, creating revenue. Other potential examples include fuel usage and carbon output.


“The Sixt Driver’s Logbook is a prime example of how business people benefit when innovative companies partner to develop telematics solutions that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively,” Cawse said. “It’s also the latest example of Geotab’s global reputation as the go-to partner for fleet owners that want to use telematics to make money, save money and better serve their customers.”


“Keeping a logbook is always a huge effort for the driver and quite error-prone. In the worst case tax authorities don´t accept the logbook”, says Dr. Rudolf Rizzolli, CEO of Sixt Leasing. “With our Sixt Driver´s Logbook we´ve developed a convenient and secure solution, which can achieve clear tax benefits. This is another example for the innovative digital services by Sixt Leasing and a successful cooperation with our efficient partners like Geotab.”