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General Meeting of security in Lisbon

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 13/06/2017 a las 23:26:52

To share information about the latest techniques to protect end-users from cyber threats. You are invited to attend and cover some of the sessions where expert speakers will talk about:


  • A new type of shield against DDoS attacks – as you know, Distributed Denial of Service attacks have taken down large portions of the internet in the past
  • An international program to share e-crime data that has been developed by the Anti-Phishing Working Group
  • How cybersecurity concerns will affect privacy issues related to data collection and use, explained from the perspective of our keynote speaker who is the Head of Enforcement in the UK’s Information Commissioner's Office
  • A cyber researcher’s study of the pay-per-install services used to distribute “possibly unwanted programs,” like adware, and other factors related to PUPs.
  • A project from the German Federal Ministry to improve the security of widely-used CMS platforms, which are also often used in criminal schemes
  • How data privacy issues will affect the feedback loops commonly used by ISPs to report when a user clicks the Spam or Junk button on a message
  • An early deployment report on the major overhaul of the TLS protocol, which is used to protect most of the internet’s secure connections
  • A major study that asks if the common malware sampling processes often used by researchers and the industry to detect threats, set network policy and respond to incidents is the best approach


There are more details about these sessions below. Please let me know if you would like to attend any of  these presentations by Monday, 5 June, or if you would like me to arrange a phone interview for you with the speakers during the meeting.


Most of the other 50 sessions during the week-long meeting are closed to the media. The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group ( is where cybersecurity experts from around the world come to share information on current threats and proven technologies with their peers in a closed, confidential environment. 

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