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G+D offers the first nuSIM management service for IoT solutions

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 28/07/2020 a las 22:17:27

G+D Mobile Security leverages its long experience in eSIM management to commercially offer the first service to securely provision SIM data during IoT module and device production. Deutsche Telekom has selected and qualified the service for the in-factory personalization of nuSIM, the integrated SIM solution for IoT.

Many IoT applications require low-cost equipment, low power consumption and small form factors. The SIM card, as a mandatory component of mobile connectivity, has a decisive influence on meeting these requirements. As an alternative to inserting a separate, physical SIM into an NB (NarrowBand) IoT or LTE-M device, the functions of the SIM card can be integrated into the communications chip, thereby reducing costs and enhancing battery life. G+D's market-leading eSIM management platform AirOn allows to securely load the individual SIM data onto the chip in the factory during the module or device manufacturing process.

The AirOn service was developed by G+D Mobile Security for the secure lifecycle management of eSIMs and has been extended to support the DP (Data Preparator) function for the emerging nuSIM ecosystem. G+D's large experience in data management allows a highly secure end-to-end process to personalize the IoT devices in the typically less secure production line of the OEM. G+D is the first company selected and qualified by Deutsche Telekom to provide this service.

nuSIM, a joint industry initiative started by Deutsche Telekom, has been specifically designed for low-cost devices to move the functionality of the physical SIM into the modem chipset. This eliminates the entire effort for logistics, warehousing and handling of separate SIM components. The combination of nuSIM and the AirOn service allows chip manufacturers to equip their components with added value and react to current market demands. It enables module manufacturers to create smaller and more energy efficient products and also work directly with mobile network operators to load subscriptions as early as during the production phase.

"With the availability of the first nuSIM Data Preparator, the nuSIM profile provisioning chain is finally complete," adds Stefan Kaliner, Head of UICC Development at Deutsche Telekom. "Operators around the world can now use G+D's AirOn service to provide nuSIM profiles to their IoT customers."

"The support of Deutsche Telekom's nuSIM is another important milestone as we expand our market leadership in the field of eSIM management platforms," emphasizes Bernd Müller, Global Vice President, Head of Technology, Solutions & Strategy, Trusted Connected Devices at G+D Mobile Security. "Our market proven AirOn infrastructure is now available for the nuSIM ecosystem along with all necessary services. All existing AirOn users can now flexibly expand their SM-DP+ service by nuSIM support to address the rapidly growing IoT market".