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Fuel cell charger

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 03/11/2015 a las 18:00:18

It is now possible to pre-book the fuel cell charger JAQ at


JAQ is the world’s smallest charger which uses environmentally friendly fuel cell technology to produce instant electricity for your smartphone or tablet. JAQ helps users charge their batteries without being reliant on the electrical socket. The slim PowerCard introduces a brand new way to charge, since both the card and charger can easily fit in a pocket, a bag or purse and can be used when you need it. The electricity is produced on the spot, when the card is activated. The card contains water and salt.


- We all want to be truly mobile and we want to employ as many ways as possible to simplify our lives. That is why. for example, we check our email before work in the morning, sync our offline Spotify playlists before we jump onto the airplane, email out the agenda before the next meeting, retweet colleagues, Instagram a photo of our food, review presentations, add an explanation to a PowerPoint or Keynote, fetch documents from Dropbox and navigate to the right address in Malmö. After lunch we check Facebook 15 times before the evening, answer a Craigslist advertisement, check our bank account, Instagram, Snapchat, and your private email ten times. On the commute home, we check a YouTube video, check our social media for the last time before bed and check if we met our walking step goal for today. If the phone battery is empty, we cannot do these things when we want – and it is here where JAQ makes the difference and helps you to be as mobile as you desire.