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Dominique Meunier joins IDATE DigiWorld as head of the Telecoms Division

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 28/06/2016 a las 18:14:37

Dominique Meunier has been hired by Europe’s premier think tank, IDATE DigiWorld, to head up and develop the work performed by our team of telecom specialists.


CEO Yves Gassot welcomes this, “valuable new addition that will enable us to round out the tremendous telecommunications skillsets of the teams led by Didier Pouillot (Telecom Strategy) and Frédéric Pujol (Wireless)”.


A graduate of Université Paris X and Telecom Paris Tech in 1981 and of IFG-ICG in 1991, Dominique is an information technologies specialist. With his dual speciality, in marketing on the services side and ICT infrastructure on the technical side, Dominique has a deep understanding of the fundamental elements that underpin these markets. He has led innovative digital industry projects, lending his savoir-faire to multi-disciplinary teams in a variety of cultural environments.


“I am especially thrilled to be working for IDATE DigiWorld which has been a benchmark for me throughout my career. It is a unique opportunity to bolster the teams’ telecoms expertise, and so help expand the reach of the work we do.”


A former advisor to the President of TDF, where he oversaw new satellite, cable and television service dossiers, in 1988 Dominique joined the Caisse des dépôts as it was entering the cable network business. He led one of the first cable telephony projects, before going to work for Suez where he managed the development of triple play bundles, and later Liberty Media France where he headed a series of task forces devoted to improving performances. In 2006, he was hired by American carrier, ICC, as the Director General of their French subsidiaries, before going to work for the consulting firm Marpij in 2009, where he lent his expertise to developing new markets born of the digital transformation, such as the digital dividend, cloud computing, telemedicine and the digitisation of TV, and to developing and improving communications and Internet services in various countries on several continents.