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Discover affordable tracking for everything with trackimo

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 10/03/2015 a las 20:53:57

Trackimo, Inc., makers of the world's smallest, most affordable and feature-rich tracking device, made its official European debut at the MobileFocus Global 2015 showcase during Mobile World Congress. Trackimo presented its new collection of personal tracking devices, designed to shake up the emerging tracker market when they hit the shelves in multiple European countries this year.


“With Trackimo, we’re offering cutting-edge technology at a price point that virtually sets a new mass market segment for tracking devices,” said Shai Bar-Lavi, CEO and Chairman of Trackimo, Inc. “Our new collection lets consumers easily track almost anything, from pets to luggage, bikes, children and more, from almost anywhere at any time.”


Trackimo products are available in several form factors, to match various needs and uses. The first product on the market is Trackimo Universal. It is small, light and fits everywhere – in a child’s bag or pocket, a pushchair, car or belt – attaching by Velcro or magnet to many surfaces.


Debuting at Mobile World Congress:

  • Trackimo Universal: For easy tracking of outdoor objects like backpacks, bikes, belts and luggage, the compact (45mm x 18mm x 40mm), lightweight Trackimo Universal has long-lasting battery life and worldwide service. Accessories make the device easy to secure to objects, hardwire into a car, or waterproof.
  • The Trackimo app for devices or computers gives a single-point of login for effortless management of tracking units. It offers multiple device management under a single account, as well as a variety of remote settings options.


Trackimo Universal Collection key features:

  • Dynamic Tracking: Accurate GPS and cellular tracking anywhere in the world. User-controlled location sampling enables optimised energy consumption.
  • Smart Alerts: Get notifications for location change, speed limits, sudden movement or impact and SOS alerts in real time by text, email and smartphone app.
  • Dynamic History: All tracking history is stored; user can recall any time period and select from a variety of time resolutions.
  • Virtual Fences: User-defined “geo fences” give notifications when specific boundaries are crossed.
  • Multiple Devices: Track many devices at once from a single account on your smartphone, tablet or desktop - anywhere, anytime.
  • Coming soon: Emergency Voice Channel: Voice channel can be opened automatically when SOS button is pressed, allowing remote user to hear what’s happening on site.


Trackimo goes beyond tracking – with multiple apps for social location sharing, group activities, interactive travel visualisation and more, Trackimo becomes a platform for fun, leisure and lifestyle.