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Delivering Ring Forward tones

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 11/11/2014 a las 21:16:23

Since the introduction of the cell phone, the choice of ringtone has always been in the hands of the person being called – until today. After a successful launch in the U.S., SHUV is going international*. With this first-of-its-kind app, developed by Pink Stone LLC and Appetizer Mobile, callers can choose the “ring forward tone” that the recipient will hear.  The patented Ring ForwardTM technology allows you to call or send a picture to any other Shuv user with a tone or custom personal recording of your choosing, on a free, unlimited, worldwide basis (subject to any applicable carrier data charges).  Shuv allows iOS and Android app users to “set the tone” for a conversation like never before. 


The Shuv library also features hundreds of fun sounds and tones including “Happy Birthday,” “Angry Cat,” “Evil Laugh,” “Booty Call” and more.  A user can also “Shuv” his or her own personal voice recording.  And with privacy a major consumer focus, Shuv has chosen to use advanced encryption technology to allow users to communicate with complete privacy and security.


“The introduction of Shuv represents the first major advancement in the ringtone industry in years,” said Chris Warnack, Founder and CEO of Pink Stone LLC, the creative force behind the innovative Shuv technology. “Shuv empowers a caller to be as creative as they want to be when setting a ringtone to accompany a call or a picture.”


CEO and Founder of Appetizer Mobile, Jordan Edelson commented, “With the international launch of Shuv, the platform allows users to interact with other Shuv users around the world for free.It’s exciting to launch a secure encrypted voice over ip and messaging platform focused on the consumer.” Edelson went on to say, “There will be a number of new and innovative features developed around the voice over ip/messaging experience that will disrupt this exciting space and make Shuv a social communication leader.”

Shuv users can assign a song, sound or tone to each one (or all) of their contacts via the easy-to-use application interface, which automatically syncs a users’ contacts with their friends who use Shuv. To send a picture, a user simply selects a photo from their camera roll or takes one of their own. Then they just choose a song, tone or custom audio message and send.  For the first time ever the conversation starts when the phone rings.