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Cloudify recognized as a representative vendor by Gartner

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 12/06/2020 a las 19:18:11

Cloudify, the leading provider of Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms, today announced that the company has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the May 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Infrastructure Automation Tools.

In this Market Guide, Gartner states that “I&O leaders must implement infrastructure automation tools to improve infrastructure agility and accelerate digital transformation”. Gartner further recommends that “I&O leaders responsible for agile and DevOps initiatives must increase infrastructure agility by using infrastructure automation tools to enable the rapid adoption of public cloud or by making on-premises infrastructure more cloudlike” and “deliver self-service platforms by building an infrastructure automation toolchain that enables the adoption of new capabilities, such as immutable infrastructure, serverless architecture and declarative configuration management”.

We certainly agree with the key findings of this Gartner market guide and are pleased to be recognized in this report for our Environment-as-a-Service product,” said Ariel Dan, CEO at Cloudify. “This need to efficiently orchestrate multiple Cloud environments and integrate multiple automation tools into end-to-end service delivery is driving the demand for our Environment-as-a-Service solution, especially among Fortune 500 companies.

Cloudify provides a single CI/CD plugin that integrates with all infrastructure automation toolchains, providing a consistent way to manage all environments, either private or public. Using Cloudify, all deployments and changes can be done automatically, instantly updating all relevant applications, saving costs, time and errors for total compliance.