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Clavister NetEye products announced

Escrito por Agencias Externas el 21/05/2019 a las 12:29:49

Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, launches its newest security product, named Clavister NetEye and a security service Clavister NetEye Cloud. Clavister NetEye is the IT manager’s advanced threat protection answer to secure their end-users from threats embedded in encrypted traffic flows. With traffic encryption expected to reach near 100% in the next few years, inspection for threat scanning becomes essential for cybersecurity. The Clavister offering provides integrated virus and malware scanning with predictive blocking based on artificial intelligence and has Clavister Sandbox Cloud capabilities to perform controlled detonation of risk marked downloads.

The product is launched at a time where more and more threats are hiding inside encrypted traffic and many governments, schools as well as enterprises are looking at how to protect their users and digital assets more effectively.  “IT managers are worried about the scaling of their security infrastructure as embedded SSL inspection has large performance impact and is therefore expensive and increases complexity,” states Thomas Vasen, Commercial Solution Manager at Clavister. “Clavister’s solution, on the other hand, is offered as-a-Service in the cloud or as a dedicated appliance that maintains firewall throughput performance by offloading this task.” It also comes at a manageable price structure to accommodate different customer sizes and needs. "Clavister NetEye cloud is priced per peak throughput usage for traffic to be scanned only and brings down the cost per user under 1 Euro per month,” notes Vasen of this flexible and affordable pricing.

Clavister NetEye is easy to implement complementary to any firewall and requires minimum time to get started. Clavister NetEye does not impact the existing firewall’s performance significantly and provides an easy way to scale over multiple sites with one central offering. The Clavister NetEye cloud offering ranges from 50 Mbit to 500 Mbit inspection capacity with dedicated capacity for each customer. The high-end appliance NetEye NE-8000 Series will be available in 3 licensable capacity volumes supporting up to 2 Gigabit/s SSL decryption and inspection capacity. Clavister NetEye will also be available in virtualized editions so the customer can utilize their own commercially off the shelf Intel based hardware or run Clavister NetEye in their own private cloud environment.

Additionally, a Clavister Sandbox Cloud services is included to provide additional functionality and security by taking .exe files and sending them to an isolated representative environment for controlled detonation and further deterrent action via Clavister’s InCenter Cloud security analytics product. Taken together, this solution forms a major step for Clavister in its portfolio of Aurora security solutions.