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BlisMedia launches the industry’s first location retargeting

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 25/02/2014 a las 19:49:17

Today at Mobile World Congress, BlisMedia, the global advertising technology company, announces the launch of PATH, a location retargeting technology product, the first of its kind in the industry. PATH is the culmination of two years of development work by Blis and combines historical location behaviour with real-time location and demographic data, enabling brands to build rich audience targeting segments. Development partners and those using PATH at launch include BMW Mini, Tesco, Boots, Fitness First and Studio Canal.
PATH uses BlisMedia’s proprietary Infinity+ platform, advanced data analytics and patented location algorithms to influence future behaviour by targeting consumers based on where they have physically been, but relevant to where they are now.  By distinguishing where a consumer is versus where they have been and overlaying location context to targeting decisions, an ad can be delivered when a consumer is most likely to engage with it, vastly improving brand engagement and performance.
PATH was developed to overcome the problem of targeting the right audience, at the right location, but at the wrong time. For example it may be too late to target a consumer with an airline ad if the user is already at the airport waiting to board the flight, but it is very useful to know that the consumer is a frequent business class traveller to target them at home or in the office. 
Brand partners at launch all saw impressive campaign performance with average click-through rates more than 60% higher than the next best performing in industry, but more importantly the average post click engagement and value of purchase outperformed all other elements of the campaign. This clearly demonstrates the importance of targeting advertising at consumers at the most appropriate time.
“At Amnet we strive to discover the most valuable audiences for our clients and in turn deliver brilliant results for them. Blis’s new product PATH was a great opportunity for us to do just that, and test the impact of using location based retargeting to segment out audiences across mobile.” Sacha Bunatyan AMNET General Manager EMEA
Greg Isbister, CEO and founder of BlisMedia said: “This is a new way of looking at location data. It’s not just about targeting someone at a specific location, now we can take past location behaviours into account and serve consumers ads while they are relaxing at home and likely to be more receptive to ad messages. This is an enormously important development for the company, we have been working with our customers for almost two years to develop these tools. Allowing targeting strategies to include real-time location, demographic and now past location behaviour gives brands the flexibility to be very specific and deliver campaigns in a way that will give consumers the most relevant and engaging brand experience.”