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Applicants will be able to receive online certificates of housing rights

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 19/10/2021 a las 19:52:43

Since April, the Moscow City Property Department has received more than nine thousand online requests for a certificate of housing rights, which exceeds the number of requests for the same period last year, when citizens submitted applications mainly on paper.


The state service "Providing information and documents on the rights to housing stock registered before January 31, 1998" makes it possible to obtain documents for the execution of real estate transactions. From April 1, it will be provided only in electronic form on This decision made it possible to reduce the time for submission of application and obtaining a declaration.


Most of the public services in the property, land and housing spheres have been digitized. The digitalization of urban services obviates Muscovites from the need to personally visit the authorities. You can submit an application, track its status and obtain documents online. This solution made it possible to reduce the time required for the provision of individual services. For example, it became possible to assign or cancel an address in eight working days instead of ten, to make changes to the lease agreement - in 31 days instead of 56, consent to conduct transactions is provided 15 days in advance, previously it was 35. At the same time, the actual terms for the provision of services are often shorter than the scheduled ones.


A good example is the reduction in the period for obtaining a certificate of housing rights, which in some cases takes 30 min instead 14 working days.


“The city has reduced to a minimum the number of documents that residents need to provide in order to receive government services: departments receive practically all the necessary information on their own in electronic form, and this takes much less time than the traditional exchange of documents. In addition, also saves users' personal time. Muscovites do not have to manually fill in applications for the provision of public services every time. It is enough to enter the information in your personal account once, and upon receipt of services and products, the electronic form will be filled in automatically,” said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Moscow Government, head of the Information Technology Department.


To get all the services the user needs a full account on If you have any questions when registering a public service, you can apply for video consultation.