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AI and responsible governance

Escrito por Redacción TNI el 20/02/2018 a las 20:35:22

Cambridge Consultants has unveiled five missing ingredients to responsible governance of Artificial Intelligence. A new report, to be published ahead of Mobile World Congress, aims at combatting fear resulting from the multitude of headlines portraying both deep and machine learning as an all-encompassing force taking over industry, society and politics.

The launch marks one year on after the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee made recommendations about EU wide liability rules for AI and robotics and also one month on from Theresa May’s speech at Davos, responding to the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of how harnessing the power AI is fundamental to the advance of humanity.


While the research and application of AI techniques is quickly coming to the attention of governments across the globe, the truth is this often lacks the holistic framework to appropriately govern such adoption. The report confirms the key to successful collaboration, resulting in responsible AI deployment in government, lies with the following five factors:


  • RESPONSIBILITY: There needs to be a specific person responsible for the effects of an autonomous system’s behaviour. This is not just for legal redress but also for providing feedback, monitoring outcomes and implementing changes
  • EXPLAINABILITY: It needs to be possible to explain to people impacted (often laypeople) why the behaviour is what it is. This is vital for trust.
  • ACCURACY: Sources of error need to be identified, monitored, evaluated and if appropriate mitigated against or removed
  • TRANSPARENCY: It needs to be possible to test, review (publicly or privately) criticise and challenge the outcomes produced by an autonomous system. The results of audits and evaluation should be available publicly and explained
  • FAIRNESS: The way in which data is used should be reasonable and respect privacy. This will help remove biases and prevent other problematic behavior becoming embedded


 Click here to register to receive the full report titled "AI: UNDERSTANDING AND HARNESSING THE POTENTIAL" which will be released in the run up to MWC.